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Premier Concrete Systems NJ Concrete Specialists

Welcome to Premier Concrete Systems (PCS).  At PCS, we are committed to providing a quality product and unmatched service to our customers.  We are committed to continually improving our products and services.  We believe innovation and integrity from the foundation to building, and we also are committed to maintaining customer relationships.  PCS is striving to be the most sought after concrete contractors in Northern New Jersey. We are a professional organization that specializes in anything that deals with concrete, especially structural work including piers, transfer slabs, footings, etc.  We own our own equipment so no project will be delayed because of equipment problems.

What makes PCS different than other North Jersey concrete companies?
Our dedicated owners. Our people – experienced and committed to being the best. Our service philosophy to be the one trade partner you can’t envision doing another project without.

We have a team of experts that will make sure that your concrete needs are met with professionalism and complete care.  We have vast experience in residential, multi-family, and commercial work in the Northern New Jersey area, and we truly work toward our clients having 100% satisfaction.

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